1942 Gibson ES-150 - Sunburst

Rare 1942 Gibson ES-150 with pre-P-90 pickup in Sunburst finish. The ES-150 was introduced in 1936 with the famous Charlie Christian pickup in the neck position and in mid 1940 Gibson equipped the guitar with a then new bridge P-13 pickup with metal cover and adjustable pole pieces. There are no records of total production numbers in 1942 due to production changes in war time but it's known that Gibson kept building the guitar in small numbers until 1943. The factory number 7380H dates this guitar to 1942-1945. Only around 350-400 ES-150 guitars with that pickup have been made in total and only a few after 1941 - which makes it a super rare example of Gibsons history. The guitar is in great condition, the tuners have been changed to a nice set of Waverly tuners and our master luthier did some cosmetic binding repairs and repaired a couple of cracks. The guitar obviously has been played it it's 70 year old life and shows honest wear, also on the back of the big and full neck. Of course it's been refretted at some point as well. It's wonderful sounding and playing instrument with great action and a chance to own a piece of American guitar history. Comes including original case.
Maple body with spruce top
Mahogany neck
Original electronics (Gibson P13 pickup, Volume and Tone controls)
Rosewood bridge and trapez tailpiece
Incl original case
1942 Gibson ES-150 - Sunburst
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