Jared James

American blues-rock guitarist

„GuitarPoint RULES! Hands down, one of my favorite guitar shops on the planet! Besides having some of the most incredible and rare instruments that I’ve ever played, Simon and the staff are such wonderful people. Go to GuitarPoint and witness it for yourself, you can thank me later…BLUESPOWER!“

Eric Gales

American blues-rock guitarist

„GuitarPoint is one of the most down-home amazing vintage shops I’ve ever seen. Anytime I’m in the area I do my best to stop by and you should too. #BOOOOOOOM“


English rock and blues guitarist

„The best vintage guitar store in Europe, no questions about it. I’ll be back, hide those old guitars Simon!“


The Blue Poets

„GuitarPoint is pure inspiration… full of great people and instruments that have a story to tell. It is one of my favorite places in this planet.“

Josh Smith

American songwriter & recording artist

„GuitarPoint is far and away the preeminent vintage guitar store in Europe. Besides being filled with incredible guitars, it’s also made up of a family of great people who really know their stuff and are a joy to be around.“


American electric blues guitarist

„GuitarPoint reminds me of all the great vintage guitar stores I use to go when I was a kid. It’s a wonderful friendly atmosphere. It’s always a thrill to visit my home away from home in Germany.“


The Marcus King Band

„A rainy morning in Frankfurt, DE, we were running a little behind to get to the next city, but that did not deter us from visiting our pals at GuitarPoint! I was overwhelmed not only with their incredible wide range collection of guitars/amps but also with their warmth and care to their customers. They put in my hands a 65 blonde Telecaster that I fell in love with. A guitar that will always be with me. Thanks for what you do guys.“

JD Simo

American guitarist, singer-songwriter & producer

„In my travels, I’ve been to a lot… let_s just say EVERY guitar shop on the planet. GuitarPoint is a special one. It’s one of the very few that exists that are SPECIAL. I can honestly say it’s one of the best, if not the best there is.They’re honest, caring and most importantly, they got the good stuff!!“


Located in Frankfurt/Germany GuitarPoint is the destination for guitar players, vintage enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world. We are specialized in vintage, used and Custom Shop guitars and are world famous for our huge selection of authentic vintage instruments  Read more

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Clean and all original 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom as Lefthand version! Those are rare - we’re happy we’ve found this one in Dallas and have it in the shop now. #lefthandlespaul #1974lespaulcustom #guitarpoint ...

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Super clean and all original 1970 Gibson SG Standard in excellent condition. Early 1970 model, still no „made in USA“ stamp, three piece neck...big fat neck actually, the serial range around the 900000s is usually as big as it gets! #1970gibsonsgstandard #guitarpoint ...

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All original 1976 Fender Stratocaster in Black finish. Guitar is in excellent condition, great example of a mid 70s Strat! #1976stratocaster #guitarpoint ...

113 2

Edit: sold - Incredibly clean 1969 Gibson SG Special - one of the cleanest we’ve ever had. Some tiny dings and dongs around the knobs, thats about it. It has 3x tone, 1 volume knobs for some reason - maybe from the factory? Big fat 3-piece mahogany neck, as big as it gets! Includes all(!) hangtags and original case! Just wow! #1969sgspecial #guitarpoint ...

371 3

Nice 1977 Gibson SG Standard in Walnut finish in great condition. All original, no changed parts, „harmonica bridge“, original electronics… #1977sgstandard #1977gibsonsgstandard #guitarpoint ...

374 1

This is one of the most beautiful Les Pauls we’ve had! 1992 Classic Plus, still the „Les Paul Model“ silkscreen, sweet Cherry finish, just the right amount of flame, not over the top but yet cool looking. What a nice guitar! Patent number ABR bridge. The pickups obviously have been swapped...maybe the LP Classic is the only guitar this wouldn’t be an issue because the player who likes the original ceramic pickups is yet to be found... #1992lespaulclassicplus #guitarpoint ...

272 2

Super clean and all original example of a 30th Anniversary Goldtop „reissue“. These guitars were some of the last Gibsons made in the old Kalamazoo factory! #1982gibson30thanniversary #30thanniversarygoldtop #goldtoplespaul #1982lespaulgoldtop #guitarpoint ...

422 5

The legendary Medallion V! Gibson made 350 pieces in 1971 on the occasion of the Olympic Games - likely even less - this is number 277. Super sought after, no wonder since they’re are amazing guitars through and through. This one is super lightweight and all original besides it had different tuners at some point. #medallionflyingv #flyingvmedallion #guitarpoint ...

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What a beautiful guitar! 1998 Gibson ES-295 in Candy Apple Red finish. The guitar includes a later certificate signed by Rick Gembar stating it’s only a one-off made by the Gibson Custom Shop in 1998. #1998gibsones295 #gibsones295 #es295 #guitarpoint ...

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