Jared James

American blues-rock guitarist

„GuitarPoint RULES! Hands down, one of my favorite guitar shops on the planet! Besides having some of the most incredible and rare instruments that I’ve ever played, Simon and the staff are such wonderful people. Go to GuitarPoint and witness it for yourself, you can thank me later…BLUESPOWER!“

Eric Gales

American blues-rock guitarist

„GuitarPoint is one of the most down-home amazing vintage shops I’ve ever seen. Anytime I’m in the area I do my best to stop by and you should too. #BOOOOOOOM“


English rock and blues guitarist

„The best vintage guitar store in Europe, no questions about it. I’ll be back, hide those old guitars Simon!“


The Blue Poets

„GuitarPoint is pure inspiration… full of great people and instruments that have a story to tell. It is one of my favorite places in this planet.“

Josh Smith

American songwriter & recording artist

„GuitarPoint is far and away the preeminent vintage guitar store in Europe. Besides being filled with incredible guitars, it’s also made up of a family of great people who really know their stuff and are a joy to be around.“


American electric blues guitarist

„GuitarPoint reminds me of all the great vintage guitar stores I use to go when I was a kid. It’s a wonderful friendly atmosphere. It’s always a thrill to visit my home away from home in Germany.“


The Marcus King Band

„A rainy morning in Frankfurt, DE, we were running a little behind to get to the next city, but that did not deter us from visiting our pals at GuitarPoint! I was overwhelmed not only with their incredible wide range collection of guitars/amps but also with their warmth and care to their customers. They put in my hands a 65 blonde Telecaster that I fell in love with. A guitar that will always be with me. Thanks for what you do guys.“


Skyhooks, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, ARIA Hall of Fame

„In my life as a professional musician (48 years and still counting…) I can say with joyful honesty that visiting GuitarPoint is one of the finest experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you and may you successfully continue. Cheers!“


In Frankfurt am Main, im Herzen Europas gelegen, ist GuitarPoint der Gitarren-Himmel für Vintage Fans, Sammler und Gitarristen aus aller Welt. Wir sind spezialisiert auf Highend-, Customshop- und Vintage-Gitarren.  Lesen Sie mehr

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Beyond cool 1976 Les Paul Deluxe...modded long long time ago and only with great ingredients! The mini humbucker have been thrown away and a clear bobbin 70s P90 was put in the neck- and an original super early Seymour Duncan „The JB model“ was installed in the bridge-position. hose pickups alone are high value, the early JB models (before the even had the SH-numbers are going for over 300€. #thejbmodel #1976lespauldeluxe #p90guitar #guitarpoint ...

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Near mint condition 2007 Zakk Wylde Bullseye, signed by Zakk. There are small discolorations on both waistlines from a display but otherwise it’s mint. Not much to say about the Bullseye - they become more and more sought after and increased in price drastically and still increasing! Signed by Zakk is an extra bonus! Get yours now! #zakkwylde #zakkwyldebullseye #zakkwyldelespaul #guitarpoint ...

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It’s been a while since we’ve had the last Telecaster bass! This bass is all original and in excellent condition in the rare „Mocha“ finish! Those basses are really cool with their Fender „Broad-band“ humbucker with an output of approx. 23K, which gives that bass that typical growling sound it is known for! #1972telecasterbass #guitarpoint ...

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Early 1964 Fender Jaguar in rare custom color Fiesta Red! The guitar had a serious life on the road - it’s been loved for sure! There is plenty of wear all over which gives it such an amazing vintage look that all the „agers“ try to copy...but thats the real deal! Can’t get any cooler than a worn out Fiesta finish! #1964jaguar #1964fenderjaguar #fiestared ...

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Six colors! Inca Silver, Fiesta Red, Black, Olympic White, Candy Apple Red and Sunburst. We got the Jags! #fenderjaguar #customcolor #offsetguitars #guitarpoint ...

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Six basses we brought over from Nashville for you! #bass #thunderbird #fenderprecisionbass #fendermustangbass #fenderjazzbass #guitarpoint ...

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