Pigtail Music ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge - Aged Nickel

Pigtail Music parts are known for be THE best replacement/upgrade hardware parts for Gibson guitars - Made in USA. For our APR-1 we used a variety of vintage components that were measured and inspected to arrive at the most vintage authentic unit while using dimensions from vintage units that collectively provided the least amount of free play for rattle-free use. Our saddles and screws snap in positively, to alleviate the fear of losing a screw and saddle should you break a string on a gig. Saddles are made using identical materials used during the late 50's as witnessed by the correct machining marks. Screws are made in the same manner. The result is a product rivaling the finest examples of late 50's manufacturing.
String Spread: 2-1/32" (51.56mm)
Saddle Radius: 12" (304.80mm)
Post Spacing: 2-29/32" (73.66mm)
Post Threads: 6-32 x 1-1/16"
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Pigtail Music ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge - Aged Nickel
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