2003 Mesa Dual Rectifier Road King

2003/2004 Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier “The Road King” in great condition. The amp barely has been played live,  it has been used as livingroom amp in the last decade. Super complex amp which incredible versatile features – Boogie says “It’s a collection of amps housed in one chassis that we refer to as an Advanced Amplifier Array. This arsenal of sounds is so powerful that with them at your command, inspiration will take over and propel your playing to places you have only dreamed.” It has 2 EL34 and 4 6L6 output tubes you can combine or choose separate for each channel, each Preamp Channel on the Front Panel has a corresponding Power Amp/Effects Loop Control Panel on the Rear Panel (we call them Channel Strips). Once you have chosen a Channel/Mode combination for a sound, you simply go to the Rear Panel and select that Channels’ power amp choice (any 1 of 5 selections), choose your Rectifier Style and program your Effects Loop choices.  Incl. footswitch. 230V EU-version.
2003 Mesa Dual Rectifier Road King
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