1973 Fender Stratocaster - Natural

1973 Stratocaster in natural finish with rosewood fretboard in great condition. Pretty "vibey" guitar with nice play wear and feel. It only has the typical "player mods": it once had different tuners installed but the original Fender F-tuners are back on and there is a 5-way switch instead of the period correct 3-way. Otherwise it's in original condition. All three pots are dated 137.73.37 (37th week of 1973, the neck and all three grey bottom pickups are dated 1973 as well. The pickups measure 5,59K(N), 5,55K(M) and 5,41K(B) and it weighs in at 3930g. Great guitar, especially with the more rare rosewood/ash combination and a neck on the slimmer side. Comes incl. original Fender hardcase.
1973 Fender Stratocaster - Natural
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