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1965 Guild S50 Jetstar - Teal green

Rare 1965 Guild S50 Jetstar in Teal green finish. The guitar is all original except for an very old refin, yet the instruments original color was teal green. The refin is very old and already blacklights, the frets are still great shape. There are some minor dings and dongs and the pickguard has a repaired crack above the volume knob, but no other repairs or damages (see pics!). All electronic components are original, both pots are dated 1965, the one single-coil pickup has an output of 5,38K-Ohm. With a weight of only 2,92Kg its rather on the lighter side, the neck is big, but not bulky and very comfortable to play. Comes in black Tolex case.
1-piece mahogany neck
Rosewood with dot inlays and 22 frets
5-ply pickguard
1x Guild pickup = 5,38K
adjustable hardtail bridge
black Tolex case
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1965 Guild S50 Jetstar - Teal green
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