1964 Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst

Nice and clean 1964 Stratocaster in great condition. It's an early/mid 64 version that still has the Spaghetti logo, the neck has a bigger profile - no wonder, it's dated 2OCT63B! The bridge and neck pickups are grey bottoms, the middle pickup is a black bottom pickup, they read 6,09K(N), 5,90K(M) and 6,17K(B). The three pots are dated 137.64.28 (28th week of 1964) and the weight is 3,51Kg. The guitar has nice weather checking, some minor wear and a nice faded color. It's been played but it wasn't abused. Really nice sounding piece with everything you'd want from a full-on pre-CBS Strat! The backplate is missing and the tremolo arm is a new one. Comes incl. it's original black tolex case.
1964 Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst
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