1963 Gibson ES-335 TDC - Cherry (1x PAF)

What a beauty! 1963 Gibson ES-335TDC in excellent/exc+ condition and all original. This is a wonderful example of a Cherry 335 - a "transitional"-model with Patent sticker humbucker (actually same as a PAF) and a PAF in bridge position. The pickups read 8,18K(N) and 7,87K(B) and sound just great. The neck has more meat than the earlier 60s "blade" necks. The guitar comes from a major collection and has barely any wear. There is the typical weather checking and a few dings and dongs - just enough to give it a nice vintage appearance. The 4 pots are dated 134.61.40 (40th week of 1961) and the weight is comfortable with 3,68Kg. Great investment, collector's grade condition and an amazing sounding player as well! Comes in it's original black Gibson case.
1963 Gibson ES-335 TDC - Cherry (1x PAF)
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