1960 Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst

Early 1960 slabboard Strat in great condition. The guitar is all original and shows some honest wear - just enough to make it look and feel like the old pair of jeans you almost don't feel when you wear it. Like a perfect fitting glove. There are some typical small "black marker touch-ups" and two small additional screw holes hiding under the guard - that's it. It's got no neck date which is correct for this period. The body date in the tremolo cavity is 2/60 and the pots are dated 304.59.48 (48th week of 1959). The original black bottom pickups measure 5,71K(B), 5,97K(M) and 5,87K(N) and the weight is exactly 3300g. The neck has a nice full and round shape, the body has that deep 50s contour... this is a dream guitar right here. Juicy, beefy tone - just like you'd expect it from a slabboard Strat! Comes incl. original brown tolex case.
1960 Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst
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