1958 Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst

Super nice 1958 Stratocaster in excellent condition. It's all original besides the backplate. There once was a sticker or badge on the upper horn - it’s visible on the lacquer surface. In 1958 some major changes happened to the Stratocaster: It's the first year of the 3-tone Sunburst but still with the one-piece maple neck. The V-shape that appeared in mid 1956 disappeared in favor of the more rounder C-profile that lasted til mid 59 when the rosewood fingerboards came along with super thin neck profiles. This one has maybe a hint of V in the lower position but it's more a classic 58 round neck shape with great feel and lot's of meat. The neck is pencil dated 4-58, the body date is 3-58 in the middle pickup cavity. All three pots are dated 304-7-23 (23rd week of 1957) and the weight is 3,59kg. The black bottom pickups and asuper balanced and measure 6,32K(B), 5,66K(N) and 5,60K(N). Wonderful 50s Strat that was built for about 12 months in this layout and one of the first 3-Tone Sunburst finishes Fender did on the Strat! Comes incl. original Tweed case.
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1958 Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst
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