1984 Fender Squier Bullet H2 - Sunburst

1984 MIJ Squier Bullet guitar in great condition. The Bullet series started it's life as Fender USA model in 1981 and soon production was moved to the legendary Fujigen factory in Japan where they built the Bullets under Fender's Squier brand. The Bullet was available with different pickup configurations - this one is the twin Humbucker "H2" version with 2 Fender Humbuckers and coil-split push/push knobs. It has some play wear and some dings and dongs but it's all original and otherwise clean! Great versatile guitar with nice round neck profile - much fuller than the thin and sharp edged early 80s USA necks. Comes in hard case.
1984 Fender Squier Bullet H2 - Sunburst
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