1954 Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst

Clean 1954 Fender Stratocaster in 2-tone Sunburst, 1st year of the Stratocaster, in excellent condition! This is an early version with short skirt knobs and the football switch tip. Only some little wear on the finish of body and neck and on the fragile bakelite pickup-covers. The former owner purchased the guitar at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville where the guitar has been refretted with vintage frets (originals come in the case) and the neck pickup was professionally rewound at Gruhn as well. One tone knob and the tremolo tip are later replacements. Other than that the guitar is all original. The 3 stackpole pots are stamped 304.4.30 (30th week of 1954), the body date in the tremolo cavity says 8/54. The neck has a big round profile with a hint of a V and some nice flames and even some birdseyes! There is no neck date which is rare but not unique for 1954. The headstock has the typical rounded edges and the round single string tree. With a weight of only 3,15Kg this guitar is really lightweight for a 1954 Strat and sounds really amazing! Comes in it's original Fender "center pocket" Tweed case and appraisal by George Gruhn.
Weight: 3150g!
Nut width: 41,97mm
Neck thickness @1st/5th/12th frets: 22,16/23,64/24,71mm
Pickup DC: 5,45K(N), 5,65K(M), 5,96K(B)
1954 Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst
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