1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom - Ebony

1969 Les Paul Custom in Player's condition. This is one of those rare full-1968 spec 1969 Les Paul Customs with big neck profile, long tenon, I-dot Logo and one piece neck/body construction. The fretboard and trussrod have been replaced and obviously some paint work has been done on the neck in the past and some later parts have been installed such as the pickguard, one mounting ring and the trussrod cover. The rest of the parts, hardware, electronics, pickups and pots are original. All 4 pots are dated 137.68.52 (52th week of 1968) and the serial number 539428 is also correct for this short production range. If you are looking for one of the last Les Pauls with typical 50s construction features that is not close to 20K but still has the tone and feel - this is your chance! Comes incl. original 1968/69 Gibson square case with yellow plush.
One-piece mahogany body with maple top
One-piece mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard, long neck tenon and i-Dot Logo
2x original Gibson Pat-Sticker humbuckers
2x original vol and 2x tone pots
Pat. No. ABR bridge and aluminium stoptail
Incl original Gibson case
1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom - Ebony
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