1966 Silvertone 1457 Guitar and Amp-in-case

Very cool 1966 Silvertone electric guitar/amp combo. This set was available in "Sears Roebuck" Stores in the US in the early 60s. It features a Silvertone electric guitar (dates 21st week of 1966) with 2x "Lipstick" singlecoil pickups in "Red-sparkle" and an all-tube practice-amplifier (by Valco/Chicago) including 8" Jenson speaker (dates 48th week of 1965) built in it's case. The amp also has a foot- switchable Tremolo effect. The tuners of the guitar have been upgrded with Schallers. The set is in excellent condition for its age and everything works fine! Includes original owner manual and footswitch.

1966 Silvertone 1457 Guitar and Amp-in-case
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