1962 Gibson ES-355TDSV - Cherry

1962 Gibson ES-355 TDSV in great condition. The guitar originally came with a sideways vibrato but there was a Lyre Vibrola installed as well which comes in the case with the guitar - might be the better solution for the player but the sideways is historically correct for this guitar. It has been played so there is some honest wear, especially the back of the neck has worn off lacquer which feels really good, the fingerboard edges are factory rounded on 355 and Les Paul Customs but these are even smoother and feel wonderful broken in. The guitar should be a later 62 model with one original Gibson PAF in bridge and one Gibson Pat-Sticker humbucker in neck position (basically a PAF with different sticker). The guitar has been refretted with jumbo frets which make it play a lot better. Resonant instrument from the golden era, great player! Comes in original case.
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1962 Gibson ES-355TDSV - Cherry
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