1959 Gibson ES-335TD - Sunburst

Here is the holy grail of all ES guitars... 1959 Gibson ES-335TD in excellent condition. The 1959s really almost disappeared from the surface and are barely for sale these days. This one is a wonderful example why people go crazy about the 59s. The mickey mouse ears, the strong and untouched PAFs (8,94K bridge and 8,41K neck), the 59 neck shape which is not "huge" at all but really round and just perfect feeling and a monstrous tone. Rich harmonics and 3-dimensional overtones. The 4 pots read 134.9.33 (33th week of 1959), the FON starts with the letter S (=1959) and the serial number A31582 also indicates a fall 1959 model. Besides changed neck pickup mounting ring and machine head screws it is all original and very clean. Really a treasure for every collection and an amazing piece of history! Comes incl. original brown Lifton case with a sticker from the Sun Studio in Memphis where it was used for recording - we can't read the artist signatures... maybe you can?
1959 Gibson ES-335TD - Sunburst
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