1957 Gibson Les Paul Special - TV Yellow

Super clean 1957 Gibson Les Paul Special in TV Yellow in excellent condition. The guitar is all original besides a changed trussrod cover and switch tip. The original tuners come in the case - smoother working reissues are installed now. It's a clean example with some dings and dongs but not much wear at all. The TV Yellow finish looks beautiful and strong and the neck has a perfect 50s Les Paul shape. The 4 Centralab pots read 134.7.34 (34th week of 1957) and the two original P90s read 7.97K(N) and 7.73K(B). The bridge pickup looks like it have been unsoldered once but it's completely original. The weight is comfortable with 3,8Kg. Comes incl. original brown Lifton case!
1957 Gibson Les Paul Special - TV Yellow
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