1974 Fender Stratocaster - Black

1974 Fender Stratocaster - Black incl. black Fender tolex case

All original and in very good+ condition for its 40 years(!), rare custom color black, some minor plywear and weatherchecking, the headstock faded to a real dark yellow, typical for those early 70s Strats. Rather lightweight,  original grey-bottom pickups all stamped 1974, all pots date to 1974. Comes in Fender black tolex Case with orange interior.

Tech. details:

  • Solid Alderbody (lightweight),
  • 1-piece Maple neck with tiltneck-adjustment,
  • Maple fretboard with 21 frets in good condition,
  • 3x "greybottom" singlecoil pickups,
  • Orig. Fender diecast tremolo with 6 saddles,
  • Large 70s style headstock,
  • 6x Fender "F-Style" tuners,
  • Comes in black Fender Tolex case with orange lining.

See a video-clip of the 1974 Fender Stratocaster - Black:

1974 Fender Stratocaster - Black
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