1973 Fender Jazzmaster - 3-tone Sunburst

1973 Fender Jazzmaster - 3-tone Sunburst incl. black hardshell case
Outstanding clean 1973 Fender Jazzmaster in 3-tone Sunburst, all original and in excellent++ condition. There is barely any visible play-wear, no beltbuckles rush and the frets are still in perfect shape! The medium c-shaped neck is very comfortable to play, with a comfortable weight this Jazzmaster is rather on the lighter side for a 70s Fender, the two original Fender "grey-bottom" singlecoil PUs are stamped dating to 1973 on their backside and sound real nice in this guitar. No hidden damages, or former repairs, last year for the brown tortoise pickguard,perfectly adjusted for low action! Comes in black 70s aftermarket hardshellcase.

Techn. Details:

  • Solid lightweight ash body,
  • 1-piece mediumsize mapleneck,
  • Bound rosewood fretboard with 21 frets,
  • 2x orig. Fender "grey-bottom" PU´s,
  • 3-layer brown tortoise pickguard,
  • 6x Fender "F-Style" tuners,
  • Chrome-plated tremolobridge w/6 individual steel-saddles,
  • Incl. black hardshellcase.
1973 Fender Jazzmaster - 3-tone Sunburst
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