1970 Fender Telecaster - Blond

Clean 1970 Fender Telecaster in excellent condition. It has some minor wear, the blond finished yellowed nicely and give it a great vibe. The guitar is all original besides a pro refret with 6105 fret wire. The neck is made of beautiful figured maple - the flames move all over the neck and look super nice. The neck date-stamp is 3DEC70B. The electronic is untouched, the two pots read 137.66.34 (34th week of 1966) which make it a late 1970 model that maybe has shipped in January 1971. The pickups have outputs of 6,66K(B) and 7.27K(N). Really good sounding example with exceptional good playability. The neck shape and the new frets really make it play like butter. It has that typical twang without being too sharp as some later models can sound. The weight is 3,8Kg. Comes incl. original case and bridge cover.
1970 Fender Telecaster - Blond
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