1968 Fender Mustang - Red

Clean 1968 Fender Mustang in Red finish and excellent condition. Besides a missing tremolo arm it's all original and has a nice weather checking all over the red colored body. Mustangs are already sought after classics since after they were originally released as "student models" both, players and collectors recognized that they have a great unique tone. In the 90s a lot of Alternative bands made them really popular. They are the entry level to the vintage authentic Fender tone - basically made from the same components as the high priced big sisters. The Mustangs were available in the classic American colors "Red, White and Blue and this is a nice example in "Red" finish. The neck date is 12AUG68, the pots are dated 304.66.31 (31st week of 1966), the weight is 3,43Kg and the two original pickups read 5,99K(B) and 5,83K(N). Comes in original Fender case.
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1968 Fender Mustang - Red
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