1967 Fender Telecaster - Black (Refin) - Maple cap

Super cool 1967 Fender Telecaster in black finish. Besides an old refin over the original blond color, the guitar is all original. The refin has been done long ago and has already been "rocked off" - great classic look with lots of mojo. The professionally refretted maple cap (!) neck is dated 3OCT67B and the pots are dated 304.66.31. It's pretty lightweight with 3505g, very resonant and has that typical Tele twang. The pickups have matching outputs of 5,70 (B) and 5,41 (N). Great sounding and playing Tele with great vibe! Comes incl. original case.
Ash body
Maple neck with maple cap fretboard
2 original Fender pickups
6x Fender F-tuners
Comes in original case
1967 Fender Telecaster - Black (Refin) - Maple cap
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