1966 Fender Jaguar - Firemist Gold w/ matching headstock

Super rare early 1966 Fender Jaguar in custom color Firemist Gold with matching headstock. This Jaguar is a fine example of how nice the gold finish match the look of the chrome fitted offset Jaguar - just like a classic muscle car from the 60s. The guitar has some minor wear and some dings and dongs but it's still in excellent condition. It was built late 65, the pot codes are 304.65.45 (45th week of 1965) and the neck date is also 1965 but the serial number is early 1966. It still has the bound fingerboard with the dot inlays, the block inlays were introduced a little later. It also has the typical asymmetrical neck profile of this era with big meaty profile from 1st to 5th fret and slimmer profile toward the body. Great player and great collector's item! Comes in it's original black tolex case.
Alder body in custom color Firemist Gold
Bound maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays
Two Fender singlecoil pickups
1x volume and 1x tone control in lead circuit and rhythm circuit
2 pickup switches and bass cut switch
Incl original case
1966 Fender Jaguar - Firemist Gold w/ matching headstock
plus shipping costs

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