1965 Fender Jaguar - Sunburst

Clean 1965 Fender Jaguar in excellent condition. It still has the unbound neck with dot inlays and L-serial number. It had Schaller tuners installed at some point but the original tuners are back on. Other than that nothing has been touched and is all original. The neck is dated 1JUL65B, the pots are stamped 137.65.19 (19th week of 1965) and the pickups read 7,04K(N) and 7,46K(B) - very balanced which is not always common for a Jaguar. The weight is comfortable with 3,97Kg and the action is set low for great playability. Those Jags are rare these days and we didn't have one like this in a while! Still a great chance to get a 65 Fender solidbody electric for a Custom Shop price! Comes in original case.
1965 Fender Jaguar - Sunburst
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