1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Goldtop

Super nice 1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop in great condition. The guitar is all original besides changed tuners (there were Grover tuners installed once) and it appears that the back of the neck and the body has been over sprayed long time ago. It#s in great condition, there is a mark on the neck from the case where it hit a nail. It black-lights absolutely well but there are more layers of lacquer that usual and we can't prove that this happened in the factory so we mention it. It still has the old 1968 cavity routing where Gibson routed the mahogany before it was glued with the maple top. The electronic is untouched, the pot codes are late 1968, the P90 pickups read 7,98K(B) and 8,76K(N). The guitar has the typical rather chunky 68 neck profile and sounds really really good. As close as you can get to a 50s Goldtop for sure. the weight is typical for this era with 4,78Kg. Original condition 68s are well over 20K now so this is a good opportunity to get an amazing Les Paul for a little less. Comes incl. original black case with yellow plus.
1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Goldtop
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