1966 Fender Stratocaster - Candy Apple Red

Super clean 1966 Stratocaster in custom color Candy Apple Red in excellent condition. The guitar shows some minor wear and the original Candy Apple Red finish looks really stunning. The neck date reads 13DEC65B, it's one the very first "large headstock" models. There are some small holes under the original tuners but we can't see any evidence of other tuners that have been installed. The electronic is untouched, the 3 pots read 137.65.14 (14th week of 1965) and the 3 grey bottom pickups are pencil dated 4-27-66 and read 5.30K(N), 5,20K(M) and 5,37K(B) - the weight is 3,54Kg. Great custom color Strat, really good sounding piece - one of the favorite guitars of the original owner's collection. Comes incl. bridge cover and original black tolex case.
1966 Fender Stratocaster - Candy Apple Red
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