1954 Fender Telecaster - Blond

1954 Fender Telecaster in Blond finish in great condition and all original. The guitar has typical play wear and is one of those guitars you will never unplug once you start playing. It's one of the first models with the "White Guard" which still has ""Black Guard" features, such as the legendary "flat-pole" non-staggered bridge pickup, the round and full neck profile, the rounded headstock edges and round string tree. The color is not as white as on later models, it's still the "butterscotch" color associated with the first Telecasters. The neck date is 11/54 and there are Blackguards with the same neck date as well. The electronic is untouched, the 2 pots are dated 304-4-37 (37th week of 1954), the pickups read 6,61K (N) and 5,99K (B) and the weight is 3,55kg. It's got that tone you only get with a 50s Tele, no harshness at all, big tone but still articulate and clear. Those early 50s Telecasters don't appear often and became highly sought after collector's pieces - this is your chance to get an all original guitar with amazing vibe and tone! Comes in original center pocket tweed case and bridge cover.
Very early White Guard Telecaster
Ash body and maple neck
2x original Fender singlecoils (Flatpole bridge PU)
Telecaster bridge with 3 individual steel saddles
3-way switch and Vol&Tone controls with original knobs and original wiring
Original white pickguard
6 Kluson "no-line" tuners
Incl original "center-pocket" Tweed case.
1954 Fender Telecaster - Blond
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