1965 Supro Tremo-lectric Wedgewood Blue

Rare Supro Tremo-lectric with built in mechanical Tremolo effect unit. There is a small lever near the high e-string which activates a bulb inside the guitar. Together with a photocell this works as a smooth and subtle tremolo unit supplied by a battery inside the guitar. Besides the effect the fiber-glass body has two great sounding Vista-Tone pickups, which are actually singlecoils with magnets mounted on the side. The two switches turn each pickup on or off. It has two volume controls and a tone knob for the neck pickup. The bridge pickup has kind of a high/low filter. Very cool looking and sounding guitar! There is a repaired crack on the upper side of the neck but you can't feel it. It's not oversprayed so there is nothing to hide - you can see that the neck has not been broken and it was just a small crack which has been professionally repaired and doesn't affect playability at all. Also, the plastic layer of the headstock has a crack as you can see on the pictures. Come in non-original hardcase.
Maple neck
Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots
Adjustable rosewood bridge
Floating tailpiece
Built-in Tremolo effect
2 Vista-Tone singlecoil pickups
2 On/Off switches
Volume/Tone/Filter controls
Double-line Kluson deluxe tuners
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1965 Supro Tremo-lectric Wedgewood Blue
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