1964 National Westwood 77 - Red (Made in USA)

Rare 1964 National Westwood 77 in Red finish, which was the Top-of-the-line model of the Westwood series. The instrument has 3(!) pickups, 2 regular Single-coils and a 3rd "under the bridge" piezo-like pickup, each pickup with its own Volume- and tone control. Last not least the tremolo version! Built between 1962-1966, solid wood - USA map shaped body with bolt on neck. Excellent condition for its over 50(!) years and all original, untouched solderjoints, allpots ared dated 1964. The two conventional in combination with the build in bridge-pickup makes this guitar a very versatile instrument. Comes in black chip-board case.  
USA-map shaped solid body
1-piece hardwood neck
Bound rosewood fretboard
Big neck profile, 19 frets, dot inlays
2x singlecoil pickup (neck position)
1x contact pickup (built in bridge)
Plexi glass pickguard
Adjustable rosewood bridge
National tremolo tailpiece
Incl. black chip-board case
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1964 National Westwood 77 - Red (Made in USA)
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