1982 Gibson Flying V Heritage Korina - Natural

Super nice 1982 Korina V - Gibson just reissued the 1958 Flying V for almost 40K USD...Here is your chance to get a clean and super sought after Heritage Flying V Korina at almost 50% of the price of the minty ones we sold recently - they go for 5 digit figures nowadays. The guitar has a repainted headstock and it looks like the neck joint had a super small crack but is never was out, it might just have been loose since there are only small traces of glue and there is no additional paint - it blacklights well. It's also 100% stable and has been inspected by our luthier. There are also two changed knobs - everything else is original: The pots are dated 1979 and 1980 and the pickups are also dated 1982 (the covers have been off at some point). The guitar has a super resonant tone, it's lightweight and besides the issues mentioned above it's super clean and feels really nice. Typical airy and open Korina tone. Comes incl. aftermarket V case.
1982 Gibson Flying V Heritage Korina - Natural
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