1965 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard - Cherry

Here comes an awesome player. This is a rare early version of the sought after Trini Lopez model with the desired wide 42mm nut width! The Trini Lopez debuted in 1964 but the first models shipped in 1965 - so it's basically a first year model. Only 321 have been built in 1965 - this is one of them. The guitar has some work done which gives us the opportunity to offer it for a 4-digit price. The neck has been reset once, there have been different tuners installed at some point, it has been converted to stoptail (which is actually perfect for the "player") and has an older refret. The pickups measure 7,47K(N) and 8,52K(B) - looks like the bridge pickup has been rewound. The pots read 137.65.3X which matches with the serial number and make it one of the last brazilian board wide nut width Trini models - really nice neck profile with rounded fingerboard/binding edges. Great feel and big tone. Comes incl. original case.
1965 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard - Cherry
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