1962 Gibson ES-345TD - Cherry

Superb sounding 1962 Gibson ES-345TD in Cherry finish in great condition. The guitar has some changed parts but before we start listing them we need to let you know how good this one actually sounds: If you are looking for a amazing playing and sounding ES... don't look no further. This is really one of the better ones we had so far. It has two early Patent No. pickups that may have been installed at a later point since 62 is still a PAF year, especially for Gold hardware guitars...but besides the sticker they're identical anyway and they sound perfect. The pickup covers are newer, as well as the neck pickup mounting ring which is a later 60s M8 instead of the M69. Also, the wiring has completely been redone/serviced since those early 60 cables are super brittle sometimes and are not repairable (original wire comes in case) The 4 pots though are original and are dated early 1962.. The bridge is an original Nickel ABR-1 with changed saddles, the guitar has vintage uS Grovers installed and has been professionally refretted. The output jack is mono which is a good thing for most players, plug and play, no stereo cable needed. The tailpiece is a factory stop-tailpiece (it never had a Bigsby!), the pickups have balanced outputs: 7,94K(B) and 7,78K(N) and the weight is 3875g. The neck is not as thin as most 61/62 models, it has a nice shape and feels rerally good. Comes in it's original black Gibson hardshell case with yellow lining.
1962 Gibson ES-345TD - Cherry
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