1941 Gibson ES-150 - Sunburst

Rare 1941 Gibson ES-150 with P-13 pickup in Sunburst finish and in excellent condition. The ES-150 was introduced in 1936 with the famous Charlie Christian pickup in the neck position and in mid 1940 Gibson equipped the guitar with a then new bridge P-13 pickup with metal cover and adjustable pole pieces. The factory number 3860G dates this guitar to 1941 - so it's been one of 255 made in that year. Only around 350-400 ES-150 guitars with that pickup have been made in total and only a few after 1941 - which makes it a super rare example of Gibsons history. The guitar is in great condition, the tuners have been changed. The neck profile is really big and full but plays very well. It's wonderful sounding and playing instrument with great action and a chance to own a piece of American guitar history. Comes including later case.
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1941 Gibson ES-150 - Sunburst
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