1970 Fender Telecaster - Blond

Clean 1970 Fender Telecaster in classic Blond finish in great condition. It's all original besides there was a different output jack plate - the original is back on. Great neck on this one, nice round with great feeling. The neck date is not visible, typically for that period and the pots are also typically dated to 1966 - but the bridge pickup date shows the birth year of that nice Telecaster: 1970. Comes in it's original Fender case.
Serial: 296171
Weight: 3840g
Nut width: 40,5mm
Neck thickness @1st fret: 22mm
Neck thickness @1st fret: 22mm
Neck thickness @1st fret: 22mm
Pickup DC: 6,01K(B), 6,81K(N)
PU date code: 6420 (1970)
Pot date code: 137.66.34
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1970 Fender Telecaster - Blond
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