1957 Fender Stratocaster - Fiesta Red (Refin) ...3,14Kg

Amazing Player! This is a super lightweight 1957 Stratocaster with an old and super cool Fiesta Red Refin that already show some nice wear and weather checking. The guitar made it's way to Europe when it was purchased in Texas in 1993 in exact same condition. The neck has been professionally refretted but still has the original finish (!) and is dated is 3-57 although the profile is more like a mid 1958 - mid 1959 neck, round and no V at all. There's a small part of the front of the fingerboard which has been buffed, probably because the headstock decals were covered by tape, like it happened during TV shows. It has a second string tree and some minor repair on around the tuner holes. The three black bottom pickups are original and untouched but the pots are newer CTS pots with 5-way switch. Everything else is original. This is an exceptionally good sounding guitar, only 3,14Kg and it play like butter! Comes incl. new case.
1957 Fender Stratocaster - Fiesta Red (Refin) ...3,14Kg
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