1953 Fender Telecaster "Blackguard" - Blond

Super cool early 1953 Fender "Blackguard" Telecaster in "well done" condition. One of the most sought after electric guitars of all time. Hard to find an original one like this in Europe. The guitar is all original besides a changed switch tip, a missing dot on the 20th fret and an old refret. The top has been sanded a bit so the lacquer is a bit thinner and shows some sanding marks. It's been loved, used and has seen quite some stages in the last decades since it left the factory early 1953. Since it's a very early January 1953 version - the neck date is TG 1-8-53 and the body date is 1-16-53 TAd - it features still some 52 specs, such as un-notched bridge saddles and slot head screws on the pickups, tuners, switch, trussrod and bridge saddles. It also still has the narrower dot-inlay spacing on the 12th fret and the second wiring schematic from late 52, Clarostat CM ink codes pots, 6 original open shell no-brand tuners, the pickups read 6,4K(B) and 5,59K(N). The guitar has a nice bigger C-shape profile but not "baseball" bat at all. It feels absolutely great with the smooth worn surface - the guitar plays and sounds great and has a good weight with 3,44kg. The original "Poodle" case which came with the guitar from early 1953 is included as well as the original "ashtray" bridge cover. Amazing guitar and great addition for every collection!
1-piece Ash body - dated 1-16-53 TAd
Maple neck with skunk stripe - dated TG 1-8-53
Original "Blackguard" fiberous bakelite pickguard with nitro cellulose lacquer top coat
Original untouched electronic
Original Kluson "no-brand" tuners
Weight 3446g
Incl. original Poodle case and bridge cover
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1953 Fender Telecaster "Blackguard" - Blond
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