1986 Modulus Graphite Blackknife - Brownburst

1986 Modulus Blackknife guitar with graphite fiber neck. Modulus is most famous for making Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea's bass guitar but they made a variety of different instruments. The company was founded by Geoff Gould in the late 70s who also worked for an aerospace company and started working with graphite (CFK) as material for guitar and bass necks. The result is a straight neck without the need of a trussrod but still great resonance. The Blackknife guitar features a Strat-style body with 2 EMG Humbuckers and an active 2-band EQ, Gotoh tuners and Kahler tremolo.Comes with hardcase.
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1986 Modulus Graphite Blackknife - Brownburst
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