1973 Guild Jet Star JS-II Bass - Cherry

Super cool 1973 Guild Jet Star JS-II Bass in great condition. It has some honest wear but no cracks, repairs or any hidden damage. Beautiful piece of figured, lightweight mahogany and fast playing neck with low action! The template of the Guild JS-Bass is obviously clear: this doublecut shape is known from another company. Guild's take on the Gibson classic is a great and independent instrument though and has some very own and really classy tones delivered by it's big humbucking pickups and the all-mahogany construction in combination with it's 30.5" scale length. Besides the typical 2 volume and tone controls it's got a tone switch for (as the 70s Guild catalog says) "tight hard or full bottom sounds". Definitely a great alternative! Comes in it's original hardshell case and original hang tag.
1973 Guild Jet Star JS-II Bass - Cherry
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