1961 Gibson GA-79 RV - 30Watt - "Laquered Tweed"

Sold !!!

1961 Gibson GA-79 RV - 30Watt Stereo-Reverb-Tremolo Amp in "Laquered Tweed".

This is the most desirable and best sounding Gibson Amp. 2x 15 Watt Stereo with Reverb. The amp is all original and in very good condition. The cabinet has some discolorations (...well tweed!), but the inside and all the components are in excellent! Everything works pefectly fine, it has recently been checked and a couple of capacitors and the powerchord have been changed for security reasons.

Techn. details:

  • 1961 Gibson GA-79 RV/110V,
  • 30 Watt (2x15Watt Stereo),
  • "Laquered Tweed"
  • Chromed frontpanel
  • 2x orig. Jensen 10" Jensen P10Q "AlNiCo" speakers (220050 = 50th week 1960)
  • Serialnr.: 160790
  • Tubes: 6EU7/6EU7/6EU7/7199/12AX7/4x 6BQ5  (6BQ5 = EL84)
  • Channel 1: Volumen/Tone/Depth/Freq)
  • Channel 2: Volumen/Tone
  • Mono/Stereo - switch
  • 5x Inputs (4xMono, 1xStereo)
  • incl. orig. Footswitch (Reverb)
1961 Gibson GA-79 RV - 30Watt - "Laquered Tweed"
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