1975 Fender Pro Reverb 2x12" ...clean w/hangtags!

Super clean 1975 Fender Pro Reverb 2x12" tube-amplifier with its original dustcover, hangtag, owners manual and waranty card. This is one of the cleanest Pro Reverbs we´ve seen so far! The amp is all original and in excellent+ condition, it even comes with the original sales-reciept when the amp first got sold in 1975! The amp has been checked and thorougly tested and works fine and the two original Utah/Oxford sound amazing. Pretty much the same as a Vibrolux but with 2x12" Speakers. Including orig. Fender footswitch (Reverb/Tremolo), orig. Fender dustcover and all paperwork.
1975 Fender Pro Reverb 2x12" Silverface
Black Tolex
Silver grill clothing
1x orig. 12" Utah/Oxford 8Ohm speaker (328-5-23 = 23rd week 1975)
Serialnr.: A18993
Tubechart: 5U4GB/6L6GC/6L6GC/12AT7/12AX7/7025/12AT7/7025/7025
1x Normal Channel: Bright/Volume/Treble/Middle/Bass/Master Volume
1x Vibrato Channel: Bright/Volume/Treble/Middle/Bass/Reverb/Speed/Intensity
Chrome Tilt legs
4x Caster wheels
Fender dustcover
incl. orig. Footswitch (Rev/Vib)
1975 Fender Pro Reverb 2x12" ...clean w/hangtags!
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