1996 Jean-Pierre Favino Model S

1996 Jean Pierre Favino Model S - Natural

Here is your opportunity to buy a original, rare handbuilt Favino guitar. The JP Favino Model S combines many features of a Selmer and a classic Favino. Actually the body of the JP Favino Model S is a bit smaller, pretty much the same size a Selmer, Scale length is JP Favinos typical 666mm which is a little shorter then a Selmer (670mm), the inside of the body is laquered just as a Selmer as well. The guitar is in excellent condition with no cracks or damages, only little play-wear, the frets are still in perfect shape. This is a great chance to buy a rare example built by propably the greatest Selmer style luthier alive, the wait list for a new one is 2 years as JP Favino built only 6-7 instruments a year(!) and this instrument can even be tested and played befor buying! 

1996 Jean-Pierre Favino Model S
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