1965 Gibson Firebird III "non-reversed" - Sunburst

Very clean 1965 Firebird III "Non Reverse" in Sunburst in great condition, only some minor play-wear, some ding and dongs, especially on the body edges, no cracks, damages or old repairs. The original frets are still in good shape, the original finish is a beautiful sunburst which hasn´t much faded at all. The neck is straight and the action is great - just like a new guitar. The Firebird Version III is actually Gibsons take on the Strat - 3 pickups and a vibrato system that works well. Of course you can also use the wraptail for a better sustain and stronger tone. The 3 original Gibson P-90 pickups have strong outputs and scream! The Firebirds always have a big tone caused by their big mahogany body. Comes in great quality black Gibson Custom Shop Firebird square case..
1965 Gibson Firebird III "non-reversed" - Sunburst
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