2015 Gibson Memphis ES-Les Paul - Goldtop

Honey, I shrunk the ES-335! In 2015 Gibson did a lot of weird thing... Les Pauls with 45mm wide height adjustable metal nuts and robot tuners for example. But some guitars were just the opposite: This ES-Les Paul is one of the best things that came out of the Memphis factory in 2015 for sure! Basically a ES-335 construction with a Les Paul shape body. Not a hollow Les Paul by any means, it's a laminated maple body with ES neck joint, carved maple top and center block. The result is a really cool looking, tasty guitar with nice rounded 50s neck and "57 Goldtop Darkback" look. We played it through our favorite Cornell Plexi at high volume and overdrive and it was surprisingly quiet for a hollowbody. Very versatile guitar. Comes with brown Gibson case.
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2015 Gibson Memphis ES-Les Paul - Goldtop
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